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Pre-coating film technology will lead the new trend of printing, Below)

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Pre-coating film process can provide high quality products, non-toxic, tasteless environmental characteristics determine its can be widely used in books, food, tobacco, drugs packaging, not pose a potential health hazard to consumers; It has extremely strong bonding force; Can significantly improve the color saturation and surface glossiness; Won't produce bubbles in the production, fold, fall off wait for a phenomenon; Simplify the production process and supply channels, eliminate the glue and solvent, thinners etc. The use of material and blending; Without drying, save energy, no fire hazards; Has strong ability of eat powder, effect of speed, short downtime, low rejection rate, film coating process is easy to operation, saving labor and relatively cheap, etc. Thus, no pollution, reliable, convenient hot melt adhesive and its products is increasingly showing its optimality.
          Our country at present is still mainly use the coating technology, but the effect of clean production technology in domestic film coating processing, resin coated products easy to recycle, sub ultra-thin, decorative way diversification, the direction of multi-function, laminator equipment will eventually replace the traditional laminating process, at present our country pre-coating film technology popularization exhibition is relatively slow, though its comprehensive performance is better than that of the coating of laminator way Ming method, but the current situation of domestic film coating industry, the vast majority of domestic enterprises is still in widespread use of the coating film coating process.
          Influence the cause of the rapid development of pre-coating film technology in China, mainly has the following several aspects. The first is technology started late, in technical level, technological process, equipment can't keep up with development level requirements. Second is the price factor, it costs higher than the film. The last reason is the lack of mandatory domestic industry environmental protection law. These factors resulted in its process was slow.

          As a kind of environmental protection technology, especially the developed countries abroad have been popularized, Europe and the United States and other developed countries now namely coating technology has been disabled, fully USES the pre-coating film process: the United States and Europe has been 100%, Asia also began to gradually expand the utilization, development trend from abroad, it will eventually replace the traditional film coating technology.

          Therefore, experts say, printing enterprises should actively introduce new techniques, application of new technology, to promote the development of technology, strengthen the ability of surface pretreatment, the development of new materials, improve the recycling and environmental protection of the material. At the same time should also actively learn foreign advanced technology and experience, to change drastically present situation of domestic film coating, the active adoption of new technologies, push forward effect of domestic market. Effect of improvement and development of the market is not only the post-press processes, and can make the benefit of the masses. Therefore, the use of both producers and manufacturers should actively cooperate with promote the development of the pre-coated laminating, eventually improve the overall level and even the entire printing process after printing.

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