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Pre-coating film using note

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
1, the following will probably affect the quality of coated < br /> < br /> & have spent         Print ink used for metal printing ink; Ink thickness; Ink; Paper moisture; Surface spray powder ( Antiblocking) Too much; Ink contains excessive amounts of paraffin or silicon additive in class. < br /> < br />,         If the surface tension of the ink below 37 dyne, must pay attention to check the effect of fastness and after coated processing test to decide whether the batch with membrane. < br /> < br />,         In die cutting, indentation, folding, UV glazing, frosted, such as the operation of the subsequent process, please be sure to do after the test, then batch use. < br /> < br />,         2, the use of thin base material products is more advantageous to coated after partial concave-convex process. < br /> < br />,         3, suggest to not use experience, or change the printing materials, processing conditions, or other changes, please make a small batch experiment was carried out first, and then make a decision. < br /> < br />,         4, winter use, should first will pre-coating film and print again after a balanced temperature processing used in the preparation. < br /> < br />,         5, pre-coating film apart after packaging, to put on wooden pallets, banned film direct contact with the ground. < br /> < br />,         4、  Fireproof: fear of fire and after fire performance shall not be changed.
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