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Pre-coating film with film contest

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
In recent years, after the printing effect of market was born a cheap without the film, the film with a low price advantage impact pre-coating film, so there is no film can replace the pre-coating film how much market share? Now we will budget pre-coating film with film, to contrast the economical pre-coating film thickness is 16 - 18 microns, and do not have the thickness of the film is 16 - 20 microns, pre-coating film made using composite extrusion forming equipment, and no film is the two-way stretch of BOPP production line of disposable, based on the difference between the equipment: 1, composite extrusion equipment can be smoothly to performance, affordable hot melt rubber coated to the surface of BOPP, EVA as adhesive; 2, two-way stretch of BOPP production line is difficult to do that, subject to EVA lack of tensile properties, and sticky sticky guide roller, without the production of the film will be choosing high melting point and not easy sticky on the hot melt adhesive as adhesive, it is because of the use of adhesive, reduced film on bonding properties of paper printing ink, therefore, no film is only suitable for application in relaxed on the adhesive performance of light color printing image coated areas, or no high-end pre-coating film in the film is very difficult to enter the market.
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