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Scratch Test: Does Your Phone Really Need A Screen Protector?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-23
You bought an expensive smartphone and you don\'t want it scratched in your wallet or pocket.
But do you need to add a screen protector?
Can these thin plastic really help prevent cracks when you drop your phone?
Almost all new phones come with enhanced glass these days.
Whether it\'s Corning\'s Gorilla Glass or other manufacturer\'s version, the screen Glass is chemically reinforced to prevent scratches.
Some handset makers even think screen protectors are of little use. [
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I don\'t like screen protectors and I\'m not a fan of screen protectors either.
Yes, they can help eliminate fingerprints and reduce glare.
But they are hard to apply, bubbles are trapped under the plastic and they don\'t feel as smooth as the glass.
But I don\'t like scratches and cracks much more.
So I am willing to sacrifice a few phones to see how daily and extreme exposure affects screens with and without protectors.
Keys, coins and nail files watch the video above to see how the screen protector works for these attacks: I put a zvid screen protector on half of my smartphone, keep the other half of the screen naked.
First I took a coin and rubbed hard on both sides of the screen.
No impact on both sides.
Next, I try to dig the teeth of a key on the screen.
It is neither scratched to the bare glass nor to the screen --protected side.
Finally, the file of DingTalk.
Ladies, if you ever had a diamond board escape at the bottom of your wallet, you know that it has a natural appeal to your sunglasses, which will be the end of that pair.
Sure enough, when I applied light pressure to the unprotected part of the phone with a file, it immediately scratched the screen and left an opaque ugly cloud on the otherwise clear and transparent glass.
But in terms of screen protectors, even if the file pressure is high, there is no impact on the plastic film, and there is no impact on the glass below.
Yeah, but what about dreimel?
The screen protector blocks the manicurist\'s weapon, but what about the real tool-Dremel?
I start from the side of the screen protector and drag the tool to the side of the phone.
When it hit the middle of the glass, it jumped up and I could see the dust flying.
Sure enough, it engraved a very conspicuous line on the surface of the phone.
I was impressed when I opened the screen protector;
There is no mark on that part of the phone.
The screen protector passed the Dremel test perfectly.
Finally, can the screen protector really help prevent the glass from breaking? Or, even worse, will it break down if you drop your phone?
I \'ve lost my phone before in the torture test, which is harder than cracking the screen.
So for this drop test, I pulled the ladder out and climbed 15 feet m to stand on my roof.
One iPhone has a screen protector and the other does not have a screen protector. Bombs away!
Both phones are hard to land and the screen is on the surface of the tile.
Mobile phones without screen protectors are broken in more than half of the screen.
The glass on the phone with screen protector is intact.
So unless you carry Dremel or nail files all the time, the glass in your current phone does a great job of preventing scratches.
But the extra drop protection provided by the screen protector may make this trouble worth it. Related: [Time-
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