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Some problems of pre-coating film technology and production

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Pre-coating film more and more used to complex membrane products, but as a result of pre-coating film production process is not very mature, so the pre-coating film after film products in the process, the problem is. Many articles have pointed out the influence pre-coating film membrane of the three main factors are temperature, pressure and speed, as long as the correct good control of the three, so pre-coating film won't be a problem.

          Actually otherwise, rubber pre-coating film is coated hot melt adhesive, and hot melt adhesive particle itself relative to the film adhesive is hard, so use a pre-coating film manufacturer, especially in the winter pulled pre-coating film is easy to machine. This is because the winter temperature is too low, reduce the spread of the membrane and glue, so uneven or excessive tension is easy to appear broken film phenomenon. So in the winter, some production workshop without air conditioning heating manufacturers will reduce the usage of pre-coating film, increase the use of complex adhesive, here to remind you that when using the compound glue need to use grain soft products, to improve the flexibility of our products.

          We all know that temperature is the key to the pre-coating film membrane, pre-coating film we mentioned above is rubber coated hot melt adhesive, and temperature determines the molten state of hot melt adhesive, only the hot melt adhesive fully molten will have a good flow property, good flow property directly decides the bridge situation of adhesive paper, only fill good comeback to product will be more smooth and bright. Is that the higher the temperature, the better? Pre-coating film in the thin film material, of course, not materials such as BOPP, PET film in the process of compound membrane in a certain temperature to printing ink layer between molecular diffusion, paper base material, so as to guarantee the stability of the film if the temperature is too high, will be very hot film and shrink film deformation, wait for a phenomenon.

          And one more thing to remind you that the printing color deeper product more than color shallow endothermic, darker products in process with, due to lower temperature laminating machine. According to their products proofing effect, laminating machine, the temperature in the 80 - Adjustment between 100 degrees.

          At the right control combined with the temperature at the same time also should use the appropriate pressure, because the paper itself is not very smooth surface, only under the effect of pressure, the viscous flow state of hot melt adhesive will only be in the process of the air on the surface of the out of print fully wetting surface of paper printing. ( The hot melt adhesive peel, etc. ) In order to achieve composite print internal structure and surface state to achieve the perfect unity.

          Pre-coating film, in general, the use of technology is not the temperature, pressure and speed can decide things, actually in the production of membrane does not necessarily have to use the experience of the membrane, just like the ancient civilian and military attache, civilian just theoretical, and military attache are real experience. So everyone in the process of use must be good at found that may be a small change can determines the advantage of your product.

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