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Specialty paper substrates: beyond basic papers in pursuit of the new and unusual.

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-15
Paper is not the same as the original materials made by the ancient Chinese 2,000 years ago.
Paper was originally used for writing and post-printing and now has countless uses in many industries.
According to the first study, paper sales are booming and paper producers are rapidly increasing their inventory to meet orders.
The research company, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, also reported that wholesale paper and paper products grew by nearly 21% from November 2004 to 2003 to $7. 16 billion. (
The company publishes an industry profile that can be purchased, providing an analysis of the market, statistics, issues, changes and concerns of a specific industry. )[
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According to Jarkko Pajusalo, director of commercial and professional papers at UPM
Kymmene, Westmont, IL, \"the paper market is very strong right now, and this power is quite strong from our client business.
This is usually driven by GDP growth.
The US economy has grown for more than a year and we have seen demand for paper. \" (
UPM is the parent company of aflatac. )
The first study also pointed out that the price of pulp may fluctuate year by year depending partly on energy costs;
The change of 25 percentage points in a year is not uncommon.
Paper manufacturers pass on the cost to the converter, and the converter is not always able to pass on the cost to the customer.
Some American paper makers spend more time getting materials from the country\'s shrinking sawmill.
Due to the small number of sawmill, some paper manufacturers have to go further in order to purchase supplies.
Cindy White, president of Channeled Resources, commented, \"the entire paper industry has experienced turbulent ups and downs.
Prices finally began to rise last year.
The paper market is a yo-yo.
Yo: it goes down every three to four years, it goes up every three to four years.
This has a lot to do with the economy, but it also has to do with the market pressure to enter the United States overseas.
Channeled resources in Chicago get B-
Grade materials from large suppliers redistribute these materials to other converters in North America;
Some products go overseas.
All materials deemed unacceptable by the market are made into fuel particles and used for energy combustion.
Gadi Hoenig, head of security at Petach Tikva Tadbik, Israel, said it was difficult to determine whether paper market conditions affected sales, because \"if someone needs to tag his product then he needs to tag his product.
He may try to use cheaper paper or cheaper materials, but he needs labels.
\"Tadbik produces packaging, labeling, shrink sleeves and labeling equipment, and is the parent company of Logotech in Fairfield, New Jersey.
The market often uses packaging to decorate the market beyond the pursuit of new and unusual basic documents.
Select a particular paper as a label to measure many of the key properties.
Professional Papers have different production properties and different printing conversion requirements.
With the continuous maturity and maturity of the market, the requirements for printing adaptability are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for paper are getting higher and higher.
Among the most popular types of professional papers, there are those that are easy to print and those that can be used in various markets.
\"Regarding facial material, print suitability is one of the most important features,\" Pajusalo said . \".
\"The customer also selects the surface material based on the operational nature of the conversion line and the customer conversion line, whether it is coating, laminating, printing or cutting.
The operational nature of the machine is becoming more and more important.
Product performance is key for padding, which is also important for finish materials.
\"Darren Headland is the regional manager of Manter in Girona, Spain, and the producer of PS papers and films.
He said that the most important feature to consider when choosing a professional paper is to focus your strategy on differentiate, add value to the product, cost effectiveness, performance of the required application, availability of quantity and quality and supplier requirements.
Don Berger, director of the main thesis department of OH Painesville dendenison Fasson Roll, emphasized the applicability of the application when choosing professional label paper.
\"While it is apparent on the surface, application applicability is the most important attribute to choose a special paper or substrate.
The converter must take into account print and aesthetic requirements, as well as the specific functional requirements of the application to meet the needs of the end user.
For example, while metal paper and laminated foil on the surface look very similar, when considering performance criteria such as flexibility and barrier properties, the performance of these \"metal appearance\" products is very different.
We recommend protecting specific terminals.
Usage requirements and test programs for each app, then fitness-for-
Use tests in practical applications.
\"Brady Glett, vice president of Troy, OH, Troy aker coating roll products, said customers want a high
Finally look at the material they choose for the label.
\"They are looking for a material that they can print, block the holographic or reflective surface in certain areas and expose it to other areas so that it has a very high
\"Finally look at it,\" he said . \".
\"From the point of view of graphics and colors, the brightness and color of the paper is important, whether it is special paper or white paper, because of the interaction between ink and paper.
You want a smooth bright printed surface that actually makes the ink as close to the surface as possible.
ChipFicyk, technical marketing manager at Stow OH MACtac, said: \"label customers want brighter shades, substrates that can provide high print quality and attract consumers\' attention.
\"They really want these tags to pop up and get someone\'s attentionthe-shelf appeal. \" [
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Choosing a Professional Paper depends on what the end user is trying to do, White said.
\"From the level of gloss to the gloss or finish of the product, it all depends on what the end user is trying to accomplish,\" she said . \".
\"This is where printert has to work with customers.
\"Environmental factors some labels spend a lifetime in the shower and bathtub.
Outdoors or in a car.
Others decorate containers with physical beating, or containing substances that may damage or erode paper, adhesives, or both.
End of label-
Therefore, you must know the usage environment before creating the label.
\"The construction of the tag needs to adapt to the environment in which it is located,\" Hoenig said . \".
\"Think about sunscreen.
They have oil inside, and you get edge lift if the oil penetrates into the label.
There are some hot stamping that will dissolve under hot water.
There are also a few things to consider in the food, such as whether the packaging is put into the refrigerator or freezer.
\"In the industrial market,\" added Glett, \"There are a lot of times when labels are going through tough environments like under the hood of a car.
\"Grease resistance is a big problem,\" said Michael O\'Connell, market manager at Alfa Retta Neenah Paper, Ga.
\"Also, if you take the normal paper and run it through the inkjetprinter in the office, it won\'t stand up to the water or coffee you sprinkle on it.
O\'Connell added: \"Stability in the presence of heat is another factor.
Specialty uses professional papers to provide the ability to design specific performance features to meet application needs, adding higher value to Converter customers and providing opportunities for creative and differentiated product development.
Their use can also provide higher profitability than core products.
According to Berger, \"professional papers have specific performance attributes that end users are looking.
The list of potential requirements or attributes is extensive.
The color or finish of the visual attribute is common.
Barrier performance provided by foillaminate, flexibility and cost-effective, provided by metallized paper or UL-tamper-proof
Identifiable materials are just a small sample of less obvious properties that the converter may need to implement.
\"The fluorescent tubes we sell don\'t usually have complex applications,\" White said.
They are more useful for trying to get someone\'s attention, perhaps a label that says \"hot price\" or \"sale.
Fluoreevents is a device that attracts attention quickly.
\"They are used as price tags or warning labels,\" Ficyk said . \".
\"The vast majority of fluorescent lamps are used for publicity,\" Glett said . \"
\"Sometimes, where high visibility is needed, they are used to look for licenses.
They certainly cost less than holographic photography.
Holographic paper is used much less than metal paper, but is usually used to promote items.
Sometimes they are used to make child stickers because they are so far away
Look at them.
\"Holographic photography is used for special products such as children\'s products, foil laminated paper for beauty products and primary foods such as specialty dishes,\" Hoenig said . \".
Foil laminated paper is mainly used for decorative packaging-
O\'Connell said: \"type the app.
For example, CD-
The cover of the ROM, even the outer cover of the Cartier watch box.
\"According to\" metallized papers and films: World Handbook of Materials 2004 \"published by AWA Alexander Watson Associates, the global demand for metallized materials for 200-3 years is estimated to be 552,550 tons, it is also expected that the period from 2003 to 2007 will increase to an estimated 7% tons at a rate of 711,200 per year.
In 2003, the output of metallized paper was estimated to be 179,100 tons (
32% market for metal products worldwide).
The study also determined that metal label paper accounts for 23% of the global use of metal materials. [
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Ficyk said, \"use metallized paper where customers want to have a look.
You can see this on the car.
Application of lubricating oil or some type of additive or cleaning product for the automotive industry.
Many times, you will see the appearance of metal products in the food market, such as meat labels, such as ham and even sauces.
\"Metal paper is used for health and beauty aids, wine, wine, and anything related to cosmetics or expensive items,\" Glett said . \".
The industry requires that each industry has different requirements for the production of labels, and each demand is critical to the sales, safety and effectiveness of its marketing.
\"In the pharmaceutical industry, you have some areas where the technical requirements are high and you need a consistency of a small container,\" O\'Connell said . \".
\"Performance features above and beyond the standard paper or film are required.
\"For drugs, what people want is a very smooth, highly reliable printing surface and very tight bonding with the bottle,\" Glett said . \".
\"The consequences are terrible. Instead of .
5 dose, you can have a 5 if the point is missing, so they are looking for a highly reliable multi-functional printed surface.
They are also looking for very tight adhesion to the bottle, so that no one can remove the label, use it elsewhere, or use it for forgery. \"These markets --
Driven requests are usually very applicable and/or final
\"User specific,\" Berger said.
\"Typically, an end user needs a specific look or performance requirement.
\"Barrier performance is often required in the food market, for example.
The special paper market is also facing the challenge of affecting the quality of paper.
\"The Narrow Web-based printing market is becoming more complex and the requirements for print suitability are getting higher,\" said Pajusalo . \".
\"UV flexo is getting stronger and stronger, putting higher demands on paper, so we have to have paper that fits the process.
\"Professional papers can challenge in a variety of processes.
\"Professional papers have a higher level of abuse of death,\" Ficyk said . \".
\"If you just put a half
Gloss, you\'re halfway through
Gloss coating and bottom paper of the product.
For example, when you enter the metallized paper, you are passing through the base paper that has been metallized and then applying a coat of topcoat on the surface, so, now that you are cutting multiple layers, diecan will become dull faster.
\"The paper is a bit more friendly to print because you print it through the surface of the paper,\" he added . \".
\"It has a stronger absorption capacity and you can achieve a certain retention effect --outs.
For example, when you are working on metal paper, you are printing through atopcoat, which may be more difficult to achieve.
If anyone wants to be in half
Gloss and they don\'t want the rest of the label to be reflective, then you have to change the way you put the ink down because it can bleed.
You may need to apply a layer or another layer of ink.
Berger explained that holographic paper is a micro-embossed metal paper with two colors
Three dimensional holographic diffraction diagram.
\"The holographic material used for marking is often inherently printable or applied to ensure the printability of most traditional printing methods (such as Flexo, letterpress, screen and offset.
Holographic materials usually have a gasket line that needs to be considered during the label layout process.
This gasket line is inherent in the holographic manufacturing process.
As for the challenges in terms of segmentation and finishing, or the impact on printing speed, Berger said that holographic paper corresponds to standard metal or coated paper.
In addition to the environment, the presence of shelves is also a huge factor in the company\'s use of professional papers.
A product needs to stand out from hundreds of other products on the same shelf.
\"Who wants these helf images to be different, let the product show itself as much as possible,\" Pajusalo said . \".
O\'Connell said: \"From our point of view, the laser
Type material seems to be more popular than some heat transfer type material.
If you are going to do transfer, most people will do the job with goods.
However, where we see things grow is cutting and stacking coupons --
In addition to the popularity of laser printing applications, there are also types of applications. \" [
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\"Using metallized and holographic paper is a slight trend,\" Glett said . \".
\"Another way to attach ashiny\'s surface to a label is called hot stamping.
Our customers can perform very slow, expensive and time-consuming hot stamping
Consume, or they can purchase inPS forms of paper materials that are metal or reflective and print them out where they don\'t want reflective.
More people ask for metallized paper because they don\'t want to hot print.
The cost per unit of metal paper is higher than ordinary white paper, but the cost of hot stamping offsets any savings you have on the material.
A big competitor to the competitive newspaper is the film.
Although the use of movies is growing, there are many ways in which papers are more effective than movies.
The film may be more durable for chemicals, but the downside is heat.
Many films cannot meet the heat requirements of laser printers and even other types of environments, O\'Connell said.
Pajusalo said: \"on the PS label, film materials must have increased, but they are mainly grown in areas where paper has never become a player due to certain product attributes, such as shampoo bottles.
\"\" Film products provide special properties that are not usually suitable for paper, such as transparency, no.
The label looks and durability, and therefore has been an area of growth, Berger said.
That is to say, paper products are more cost-effective and may provide performance that does not match the film (e. g.
, Printable or destructive under specified conditions)
As a result, both products have been successful in addressing professional labeling challenges.
In some cases, we find that applications originally introduced with film labels move back to paper after a short period of time.
This may be cost-driven, or it may be the difference between different levels in the product segment for consumers (e. g. , dish soap).
Pajusalo says there are new apps in the movie that may eat some growth or paper.
But while the film has become quite popular, more common and more accessible, papersaren has not disappeared yet.
\"If you are in a fairly niche position in the product you offer, the business is fairly stable,\" O\'Connell said . \".
\"Metallized papers and film originals, which will be updated in 2006, will be published next year in an updated version of their metallized papers and film world originals.
The report will be released in the second quarter.
More information is available from the following website: 7429 Seneca Ridge Drive McLean VA 22102 USA 703-821-
Fax: 3853 703 821 3854 info @ Po-bv. com www. awa-bv. com/index.
The following companies are manufacturers or marketers of professional label papers.
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