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Sustainability and strength makes sheet best choice for produce packaging.

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-20
The overall goal of producing packaging must include food at the maximum cost
While maintaining food safety and reducing environmental impact, effective ways to meet industry requirements and consumer needs.
Production of packaging, by extending the shelf life of food to reduce total waste, is essential for the entire agricultural industry.
In addition, convenient features such as easy access, disposal, product visibility, reseal-
Ability and microwave
Ability must be considered to help reduce overall waste.
Of the world\'s food produced annually for human consumption, about 1 out of 3-About 1.
3 billion tons--
According to a FAO 2011
Commissioned research
Fruits and vegetables, coupled with the highest rate of food in the root and potato category.
* PET sheet manufacturer Octal claims that using itsDPET sheet to produce Packers, highly sustainable theft competitors gain an advantage over other options.
According to a recent study, compared with traditional factories, the power grid used by Octal\'s DPET tablets per kilogram was reduced by 67 percent, 25 percentage points lower than the conventional APET tablets. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Octal says its DPET tablets are ideal for the production of packaging such as fresh produce, meat, cheese and yogurt because of its excellent optical quality and strength, flexibility and sustainability.
DPETis said that while providing packaging appeal on supermarket shelves, the product is effectively protected from deterioration.
The used packaging can be easily added to the current recycling stream, according to eight tal.
\"DPET provides the necessary rigidity and clarity while providing environmental awareness, re-
\"Packaging solutions that can be used for production and attractive,\" said William J . \"Barenberg, Jr.
Chief operating officer of eight tal
\"We use DPET paper for agricultural packaging, which clearly reflects our commitment to supporting agricultural growers, producers, retailers and consumers.
* Further information: WWW. OCTAL.
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