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The advantages of environmentally friendly waterborne glazing oil have those

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Environmentally friendly waterborne glazing oil has the advantages of those due to the excellent performance of waterborne glazing oil and safe environmental protection, especially in the field of articles for daily use packing has been widely used. Because waterborne glazing oil as solvent of water-based ink in the printing process of volatile almost to zero. And because of its good flowing property, so performance is common ink printing ink products better to number, add the appropriate ethanol in waterborne glazing oil can appropriate increase of water-based ink drying speed, therefore has a great development in the process of use.

          Environmentally friendly water-based light oil for environmentally friendly printing has considerable mechanism, especially in the process of the development of today's ink, widely used in the life of the product packing, etc. , therefore in the process of production, the development of its environmental performance has reached a quite high level. Main is colorless, odorless, clear and non-toxic, no organic volatile, low cost, wide sources, etc. But also better gloss, these performance is unmatched by ordinary solvent-based inks.

          Due to the excellent performance of waterborne glazing oil, the country should publish relevant policy, support and promote the use of the environmentally friendly ink, so that the traffic to replace solvent-based inks in the process of production of pollution to the environment. As people for printing product requirements and to improve the printing quality, the gloss of water-based ink printing products will be popular widely used, therefore in the process, in the development of the printing ink market, water-based ink will gradually penetrated into all aspects of life, and some decoration and elegant picture album of pictures of gloss constantly improve, in such a prospect, believes waterborne glazing oil will gradually replace all the solvent ink.

          Due to the environmental protection is not only the economic problem, but the survival of human beings, therefore in the process of this development, people to this kind of environment protective ascension is necessary for us. Especially in tobacco and medicine industry has been widely used. And the water-borne light oil printing products waterproof performance is good, can satisfy the social performance test of this kind of environmentally friendly water-based ink printing, therefore in the process of this development, water-borne light oil will gradually give play to its unique performance, and constantly promote the development of water-based ink market. < br />

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