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The advantages of scratch-resistant spend membrane

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

scratch-resistant flowers the advantages of optical film

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& have spent Scratch-resistant spent membrane, high-end special laminating film, is a kind of surface has super hardening, ultra light environmental protection coating, with diamond bright and light and anti-scrape wear-resisting performance of BOPP film. Products include coating type and precoat type two kinds, namely the thickness of coated products at 20 um, thickness of coating products in 30 um. Product characteristics: high stiffness basilemma, scratch resistant coating of environmental protection, high, high hardness, resistance to scratch the surface, on-line undercoat and the perfect combination of precision coating. Late scratch-resistant, using the light can be hot stamping, UV, screen printing.  

  The benefits of scratch-resistant flowers light film

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1。 Scratch-resistant flowers light film can protect the printing ink/content, protect the label surface scratches, more durable.

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2。 Scratch-resistant flowers light film make label sticker surface become more bright, more high-grade, attract attention.


3。 Scratch-resistant flowers light film itself is waterproof plastic film, through light membrane, can make originally not waterproof label material surface waterproof.

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