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The application of scratch-resistant spend membrane

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Scratch-resistant spend membrane application

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on paper framed a bright layer of plastic film, was coated. Effect of divided into 'membrane' and 'dumb'. Light membrane outside the consequences, fantasy and colorful, beautiful long does not change color. With soft handle and colorful pattern, outside is a basis of color feeling during the period of change to choice pattern and the peace of the environmental protection building materials.

    Light membrane view compiled specifically, like product leaflet printing of cover, paper box outside these easily worn parts, if necessary to cover film, before and after printing, folding and cutting give it mounted a layer, the membrane must be very bright, has good toughness, quality of a material is average, no blister bubble, outside is very smooth, it usually is made of polypropylene material, it is also the precoating thermoplastic polymer adhesive to joint, and paper printing with hot pressing roller stick it tightly on the paper.

    As a result, the outside of the paper have a better light, quality of a material is more abundant, and printed in the above colour by the cover. We saw earlier, glazing also has a strange influence, but after heavy paper glazing will become fragile, have become flexible folding after coated. Should also be coated. You will invent membrane have two kinds, one kind is bright as a mirror, one kind is less reflective, their separation is called 'membrane' and 'dumb'.

    The most bright light membrane, has no impact on the inky nearly, but not so appealing, it's reflective like handbag was covered by light membrane sparkling in the future, with a slight deformation in the future will be very soft, very high-grade, calendars are run out of film, because it is a nuisance, not external hardcover book cover, cardboard boxes and other flat on the outside, bright as a mirror of the consequences of good; Pragmatic dumb membrane is rich in texture, as usual don't think it's senior than light membrane, its price is expensive, but it will affect the ink like gloss oil, abnormal centuries take color, like a character's skin color, some slight slant is not enterprise standard color, application is unfavorable the dumb film.

    Environmental light membrane characteristics: unnecessary electroplating, painting, thrift, eliminate waste liquid and waste gas and other public hazards. Function: good moistureproof, anticorrosion, is good, easy to wash, easy installation, light weight, non-flammable, Through the process of building materials in the middle kingdom detection, consistent level country fire standards. Belongs to the highest temperature in the bedroom a kitchen space, and each time meet hair were compared at the top of heat, so the choose and buy metal ceiling, fireproof function should be consider to buy one of the key) 。

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