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The best sleeping pads for 2019

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-10-04
One of the best sleeping mats for your wild adventures is Therm-a-
Rest Neoair XLite, which impressed us with its warmth and comfort while still weighing less than a pound.
However, it can be noisy when you change location, so not everyone can have a night off on new air XLite.
That\'s why it took us more than 400 hours to test the best sleeping pad, not just from Therm-a-
Rest but from a variety of top manufacturers.
We slept on the ground with them, slept on the bunk with them, curled up in a hammock with them, and then made suggestions.
If the new air XLite is not your tea, there are many other sleep pads on our list that can match our preferred choice. Therm-a-
Why should you buy this: the new air XLite is not only comfortable and warm, but also light in weight, providing one of the best warmth --to-
The weight ratio on the market.
Who is it for: Weekend Backpacker, don\'t mind paying a little more for three people
Comfortable, warm season sleep pad, can be placed in the backpack. R-value: 3.
2 Weight: 12 why did we choose Therm-a-
Rest NeoAir XLite: Therm-a-
Rest neo air XLite is an inflatable mattress sleeper with a sleek, tapered mummy design.
Popular among backpackers for a reason --
Not only is this cushion warm and comfortable, but it is lightweight and adds less than a pound to your basic weight.
Thanks to the company\'s innovative Therm, neair XLite provides lightweight warmth in three seasons-a-
Capture a reflective layer that captures heat without using bulky down or synthetic fillers.
Very Warm for 3-season use —
This pad has an R. Value of 3.
2, provided from cold to about 25-
Fahrenheit. Because Therm-a-
NeoAir XLite is very light and compact, weighs only 12 ounces and does not use insulation to provide warmth.
It is also tightly packed on the size of the water bottle, allowing you to easily store it in your backpack.
On a comfortable scale, the new air XLite hit the middle zone with 2 points.
A 5 inch cushion to protect you from the hard surface of the ground or shelter.
Our most important criticism of XLite is that it makes noise as you move around.
When trying to fall asleep, this harsh sound can be annoying.
Because it is inflatable, it is also easy for the sleeping pad to leak, especially when it is required to pass through
Pads repeatedly see hiking on various surfaces.
Thankfully, on-site repairs are easy.
Nemo Tensor explains why you should buy this: Nemo Tensor is light in weight, warm and small in size.
This is one of the quietest mats on the market.
Who to prepare for: weekend backpackers want three
Seasonal sleep pads designed for warmth, comfort and package size. R-
Value: not reported.
Manufacturers recommend 10 to 20F
Weight: 1 pound, why did we choose the Nemo tensorum: tensorum provides an impressive mixture of warmth and comfort, with no excess volume at the same time.
The new 2019 is a simple-to-
Use an inflatable valve flush with the sleep pad.
Combined with stratofiber, aluminum plated film, Ben Chao
The thermal mirror of the warm pad reflects radiant heat, and its insulated PrimaLoft layer will make you comfortable all night.
Comfort and convenience are also at the forefront of Nemo tensorts.
The space frame baffle is basically dead.
Low cut truss
Stretch fabric, creating a solid and stable sleeping surface that allows you to turn over or read comfortably in your stomach without sinking into the mat.
Those who sleep on the back, side or stomach will find these 3-
Very comfortable to sleep.
The metal layer reflecting heat hangs at the center of the pad, so it does not wrinkle, making tensorum one of the quietest pads on the market.
Our only complaint is the 20D nylon bottom of the liner, which can reduce the weight, but it is very thin for gears placed on the ground.
You need to treat this mat with special care.
Thankfully its bottom surface is compatible with pressure
So you can do a quick and easy on-site repair sensitive adhesive patch. Therm-a-
Why should you buy this: Therm-a-
The Rest ProLite vertex is warm, comfortable and durable.
Who is it for: want four backpackers
Seasonal sleep pads designed for warmth, comfort and durability. R-value: 4.
Weight: 1 pound, 6 Why did we choose Therm-a-
Rest ProLite vertex: Self
Inflatable pads may not be the most compact sleeping pads on the market, but they lack compact and they make up for this with durability.
They are more comfortable than the smallest closure
Foam pad, can withstand harsh environment, which will lead to air
Inflatable pop-up.
These pads use warm foam and are designed to inflate without any effort.
When you get to the camp, just open the valve and the Mat expands when you cook.
If you want trouble
Free sleep and then Newfor-
2019 ProLite Apex should be at the top of your list.
Why should you buy this: Nemo Switchback is an affordable sleeper that can withstand the rigors of remote areas.
Who is this for: backpackers don\'t mind sacrificing a little comfort in exchange for no
No nonsense sleeping mat to fail in remote areas. R-
Value: not reported.
Manufacturers recommend 20 to 35FWeight: 14.
Month ouncesWhy we are looking for Nemo cut: Off
The cell foam sleeper is known for its comfort, but this is about to change due to Nemo\'s new Switch sleeper.
The thickness of the Nemo Switchback is almost 1 inch, which is the most comfortable closed-
Bubbles in the market.
Nemo uses two different types of foam in the switching round: one with a higher density that provides durability, and the other with a soft foam.
Because it uses a closed
Cell foam matrix instead of air, switching does not produce annoying leaks at the wrong time and place.
In addition to durability, Switchback has a variety of uses that can be used as a seat cushion to extend your lunch break.
It is light weight, high reliability, and is the first choice for long-time motion. distance hikes.
Nemo has developed switches that are both warm and durable.
It is characterized by heating
Capture hexagonal nodes and metal thermal reflective film coatings that collect the body\'s radiant heat.
The result is that it can keep you warm even if the temperature drops to 40 degrees lower.
If you are in a winter backpack, you can pair the switch with an inflatable mattress in cold conditions.
Because it uses solid foam, it can\'t compress the switch like a competitor to the air mattress
It\'s big enough not to fit in most backpacks.
Although some foam pads can be rolled up, the switch back is to fold into a large rectangle and can be attached to the package with straps.
The design of the pad is like this, and its hexagonal nodes will be installed inside each other, allowing switching back to be smaller than the closing of the competitor
Foam mattress.
Switching back is not easy to install inside the package even in a folded state, usually connected to the outside. Therm-a-
Why should you buy this: Therm-a-
Rest neair UberLite is one of the lightest sleeping mats on the market.
Who is this for: a few ounces of backpacker who wants to be as light a mat as possible. R-value: 2. 0Weight: 8.
Why did we choose Therm-a-
Rest NeoAir UberLite: Therm-a-
When it comes to sleeping mats, Rest neair UberLite comes across all the check marks. At 8.
8 oz, UberLite is very light and is one of the lightest sleep pads available today.
It also offers a relatively luxurious 2.
5 inch thick over there-
Visitors will be grateful. It has an R-
Perfect value for summer and warmth-
Travel Backpack weather
Best of all, Therm-a-
Rest NeoAir UberLite is not wrinkled like Therm-a-
Rest the new Air model.
Klymit hammocks VWhy you should buy this: Klymit\'s hammocks V sleep pads are designed to be placed safely on the hammocks and won\'t slide out like a traditional sleep pad.
Who is this for: Klymit hammock is a must-
There are hammock campers who want to add a layer of insulation to the hammock. R-value: 1. 6Weight: 27.
Why do we choose Klymit hammocks V: hammocks are very comfortable to sleep, but they have a fatal flaw: When you snuggle up in a sleeping bag and lie in a hammock, all your weight is transferred to your back.
This compresses sleeping bags in the area to prevent it from capturing the warm air needed to keep it warm.
So the hammock campers feel a nasty feeling.
The best way to solve this situation is to use a thin sleeper to provide a layer of insulation.
Most of the sleeping mats are designed to be used on the ground and are not suitable to be placed on a hammock.
Klymit hammock V to no-
Slip straps and unique shapes for grip, designed to fit perfectly into any standard single or double hammock.
Not only does the mat fit under you, but it also has wings wrapped around to keep you warm on the side.
To prevent air-conditioning flow on the back, the hammock V has deep welds that allow sleeping bags to be in the attic below you.
It is also compact, 4 inch by 8 inch and weighs 27 ounces when packed.
Most importantly, its streamlined shape can be inflated with only 15 to 20 breaths, making it quick and easy to set up in the camp. Big Agnes Q-
Why should you buy this: Big Agnes Q-
The core SLX air pad is as close as possible to the real mattress and is suitable for sleeping in the wild.
Big Agnes Q. -who is it?
The Core SLX air pad is for backpackers who want a comfortable night no matter where they camp. R-
Value: not reported.
Why did we choose the big Agnes Q-
Core SLX: for most air mattresses you have to choose between comfort and weight, but Big Agnes Q-
Core SLX sleep pad.
The mattress not only provides an amazing 4.
25 inch Air
Expanded comfort, but it\'s also a very decent 16 oz (regular size).
If you want to find a good one in three months
Season performer, you can\'t beat the combination of comfort and weight found in Big Agnes QCore SLX. The Q-
Core SLX also comes with some smaller but useful features that you won\'t realize how important they are until you use them.
The mat has a soft outer layer, like a sheet and a large external baffle that will help you stay in the center of the mat when you sleep.
There is also a large capacity valve that is easy to inflate and super fast deflate, as well as an antibacterial layer inside the liner to prevent bacterial growth when you use moisture --
Air Cushion full of breathing.
Useful advice and key sleep pads are essential for good sleep, providing warmth and comfort in remote areas.
Before you start shopping, you should decide what type of sleeping pad you need for your next outdoor adventure.
Unlike other types of equipment, there are only three main types of sleeping mats on the market --self-
Inflatable, air inflatable and closed inflatablecell foam.
Each style is quite different and has features that fit into a particular backpack situation. Self-inflatableSelf-
Use open air cushion
Foam insulation, combined with air.
These pads are proportional.
The downward version of the air mattress, which works like a sponge, reduces the size when compressed and expands when the valve is opened.
Cushions offer superior warmth like closed foam, but tend to be more comfortable than closed ones
Because of inflation.
They can also be rolled or folded so that they are compact enough to fit inside or outside the backpack.
They are perfect for use in remote areas when you need warmth and extra comfort. Closed-Turn off Battery
Cell foam is a popular choice for sleeping because of its affordable price and durability.
These foam pads are only $15 and will not leak due to the use of solid foam
Contrary to the air chamber-
In their building
Because they don\'t need inflation, you can use them immediately without any additional steps.
They are also very effective in keeping your body from the cold.
Is there any problem?
They tend to be very thin and provide little buff from the ground.
Since they are made of solid foam, they also do not compress very quickly and must be rolled or folded to be transported.
Backpacker likes to close despite the size
Reliability of battery foam pads
It\'s easy to rely on because they don\'t leak.
Inflatable inflatable air sleeping mats as the name suggests: they use a thin layer of material to inflate with air, providing a very comfortable platform for sleep.
They usually provide minimal cold protection, but some models are lined with insulation when sleeping on the ground to provide additional warmth.
The best part of the air cushion is their packing size, very small and light weight.
These inflatable sleeping mats are expensive because they provide lightweight warm features. The R-
The value is a measure of the ability of the sleep pad to resist heat transfer.
R high sleeper
Value can better protect you from the cold and make you sleep more comfortably in a cold environment.
For example, with R-value of 3. 5 to 4.
0 provides warmth of 15-below
Fahrenheit, while with 2 pads. 0 to 2.
5 Value warm to about 30-degrees.
You should choose one with R-
The value that matches the backpack condition.
Winter campers should find a high-
The value of the sleep pad, and summer-
Only hikers can lose weight by choosing a cushion with less insulation, R-lowervalue.
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