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The concept of Bopp pre-coating film optical film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Bopp pre-coating film on paper framed a layer of transparent plastic film, was coated. Effect of divided into 'membrane' and 'dumb'. Light membrane surface effect, changeable and colorful, beautiful long does not change color. With soft handle and colorful surface color, is a kind of can choose design and color according to the changes of the era of color feeling safe and environmentally friendly building materials. Membrane effect of colour collocation personality and fit. Pearl film, ordinary film, imitation metal film, and many other varieties to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

          In particular, as the outer surface of the cover in the product manual printing, paper boxes these easy worn parts, if you need protective film, before and after printing, folding and cutting give it mounted a layer, the membrane must be transparent, good toughness, uniform texture, not blister bubble, the surface is very smooth, it is usually polypropylene materials, so that it also precoating thermoplastic polymer adhesive and paper, printing with hot pressing roller stick it firmly on the paper. As a result, the surface of the paper have a better gloss, texture more thick, and printed on the color of the above are protected. We saw earlier, glazing has the same effect, but after heavy paper glazing will become fragile, have become flexible folding after coated.

          Should also be coated. You will find that there are two kinds of membrane, one kind is bright as a mirror, one kind is less reflective, respectively called 'membrane' and 'dumb'.

          Light film is the most transparent, almost no influence of inky, but its reflective sometimes not too attractive, such as bag covered by light membrane after sparkling, with something slightly after deformation is very soft, very low, calendars are run out of film, because it interferes with the line of sight, but in the hardcover book cover, cardboard boxes, smooth surface, such as bright as a mirror of the effect is good. Dumb film of a solid wood texture, it is generally believed it than light membrane high-grade, its price is expensive, but it will affect the ink like gloss oil, very selective color, such as the character's skin color, with a slightly some enterprise standard color, can't is unfavorable use dumb film.

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