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The Foldable Container - a Revolutionary Packaging Material

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-10-03
At first glance, the foldable container is not a spectacular packaging material.
However, this is the impression created by their widespread use.
Today, you will see foldable plastic boxes on each port, each warehouse, and each trailer transporting goods.
Because it is a multi-functional product that can improve supply chain management and logistics cost control, it is difficult to imagine an era before the emergence of foldable and foldable containers.
However, in the logistics world before foldable containers,
Established manufacturing and distribution companies have gone through decades of development and instead of folding containers, they have unreliable wooden containers or large metal containers.
These have been standard packaging materials for a long time and although there are many shortcomings in using them, there is no other option.
We might wonder why it would take so long to come up with a foldable container model.
This is a problem with the right tools and knowledge: Advanced Computer Software and other tools to create a design and test its feasibility and knowledge in modern raw materials, such as polypropylene, provide a solid and reliable structure for these containers.
Today, while we take the foldable container for granted, we are still able to appreciate the benefits it brings to companies around the world.
To support the claim that foldable containers are revolutionary products throughout the supply chain world, here are some related ideas: 1.
Of course, in addition to reducing shipping costs, the first benefit of foldable containers is that it helps companies pay less for the return of empty packaging materials.
In fact, this benefit is only the tip of the iceberg.
It is equally important to free up warehouse space and reduce transportation costs.
When there is always an equal symbol between the quantity of ordered products and the quantity of available stock in the warehouse, any supply chain will work smoothly.
The foldable plastic case will take up less space than the rigid container of the old model, making room for the storage of the product, not the empty packaging material. 2.
The use of foldable containers helps reduce waste globally, and waste is a huge problem for every industry in the world.
Waste causes pollution and is a careless use of existing natural resources.
Sadly, packaging is one of the biggest sources of waste.
Large wooden or metal containers, damaged and unrepaired, or too heavy or bulky to be fully stored, still represent the desolate landscape of old warehouses, ports and commodity transfer stations.
We can\'t do anything to change the past, but by using foldable containers we can make sure that our future waste is decreasing year by year. 3.
Compared to rigid containers, the basic foldable container model allows for future innovation. the foldable container has a modular design that allows customization, such as special functions, special dimensions, improvements can be made in the future by implementing new technologies and materials.
In this way, foldable containers are a sustainable product that can be developed and adapted to the needs of various industries.
So while we may not consider the importance of folding containers in the current logistics world, we must admit that without it our entire business world will be different: inefficient, unfriendly to the environment, low ability to develop and innovate.
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