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The fruit trees special reflective membrane and benefit principle

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Orchard spread reflective film is apple bagging techniques, it can adjust the microclimate of the orchard, and can promote the fruit coloring added sugar, high economic benefit. The current is worth promoting.

          1, promote fruit coloring: spread reflective film, reflective upward from the ground, sag at the top of the fruit and shaded aspect can by light, improves the canopy lower-middle-class and bore of light intensity, so as to promote comprehensive fruit coloring. The mensuration, the membrane of the tree plants average chromatic index was 50% ~ 70%, no membrane tree is only 26% ~ 40%, the average color index increased by 25% ~ 30%. Canopy bore and the lower fruit coloring index increased to 43. 8% ~ 54. 3%, all the crabapple and shaded area of more than three-quarters of the fruit of the accounts for 35% ~ 69% of the whole plant fruit quantity. Fruit sugar content, weight increase according to use handheld sugar apparatus, membrane tree fruit soluble substance is approximately 13%, 1% ~ 3% higher than control tree; Fruit weight increase by 5. 7 to 6. 7 grams.

          2, is beneficial to flower bud differentiation: membrane thickening, leaves green, flower bud and provided a basis for the second year of production.

          3, high production efficiency: if the per mu orchards in reflective film cost is 400 yuan a year, produce 2000 kilograms of apple, 1 kg fruit into 0. 2 yuan, as a result of good fruit coloring, price per kg 0. 5 ~ 1. 00 yuan, will make a profit of 600 ~ 1000 yuan/mu.   < br />

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