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The future market of Bopp pre-coating film five requirements

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          As the package of equipment development external effect and further improve the functionality, and meet the international green environmental protection request, therefore puts forward higher requirements on Bopp pre-coating film:

& have spent         1, optical

& have spent         On the basis of the existing makes it have higher transparency, Low turbidity) And better gloss appearance to match the product shows the good design, especially the dark product icon, optical performance requirements for packaging film is higher.

          2, break

& have spent         For Bopp pre-coating film can be tightly wrapped in products, can not appear loose or loose phenomenon.

          3, wear resistance,

& have spent         Require high wear resistance, mainly from two aspects: one is in the process of high-speed packaging, thin film surface and machine for quick contact and friction will be formed in the product surface scratch; The second is in the process of product transportation, packing will be formed in the surface clean. Particularly the latter form of serious scratch will have great influence on the appearance of the product.

          4, functional

& have spent         In product variety and quality improvement. Bopp pre-coating film in addition to the need to have the original cut off steam, transparency, and features, such as high-speed packaging will also give higher requirements on the function, such as anti-fake function, waterproof fog, etc.

          5, environmental protection

& have spent         Considering the factors of green environmental protection, the market demands for the thickness of the thin film is thinner, the current commonly used packaging film is usually 20 to 22 micron, so Bopp pre-coating film thin, will be an important direction of development in the future.

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