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The influencing factors of BOPP pre-coating film haze

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          As required physical and mechanical properties of BOPP pre-coating film is relatively important in the haze, is also one of the important indices for customers choose dumb light film.

          1. Raw materials

& have spent         Industrial production of BOPP film material ingredient is PP. Isotactic PP and syndiotactic PP with different crystalline structure, formed the appearance size irregular small chip. Different petrochemical manufacturers because of its production process and technology, the production of raw materials has certain difference. The greatest influence on the film the fog an indicator for the yellow index. The greater the yellow index, produced film. The greater the fog

          2. Antisticking agent

& have spent         Antisticking agent on membrane surface after improved the bonding resistance of film, but the turbidity and glossiness thin films are affected.

          This is due to the resistance to adhesive especially inorganic kind of adhesive, and is not miscibility of polypropylene resin. Thin film in the process of stretching resistance will make a hole around a adhesive, and produce the refractive index of different interface between two materials.

          3. Crystal

& have spent         Polypropylene crystal size affects the film haze. Two-way stretch can make polypropylene may produce larger crystal particles, thus reducing crystal size, improve the light transmittance, reduce haze.

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