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The mother of dongguan BOPP film and composition

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Mother in dongguan BOPP film and ingredients

& have spent   Dongguan BOPP film is main used for homopolymer pp BOPP film grade special material, isotactic degree at about 97%, the melt index 2. 0 g / 10 min or so. BOPP film production in China in the early of polypropylene used mainly comes from imports, are now largely on its own domestic production, BOPP film with functional additives, BOPP functional additives added quantity is little, generally for the thousands of PPM. Production process, no like CPP or blown film production mix a small amount of additives and a lot of polypropylene, as a result, in actual production application, usually a variety of additives and polypropylene by certain proportion mixing refined into masterbatch, masterbatch production again, additives to increase the dispersity and uniformity.     BOPP functional additives masterbatch sort is more, including antistatic masterbatch, creamy masterbatch, masterbatch and toughening masterbatch, pearl whitening masterbatch, masterbatch, antiblocking masterbatch masterbatch, synthetic paper, prevent droplets masterbatch, masterbatch, antioxidant masterbatch, etc.

      Among them: 1, antistatic masterbatch used in the antistatic agent used for glycerol monostearate and ethoxy amine compound. The mechanism of the antistatic agent is: through the antistatic agent lipophilic group of organisms interact with polypropylene increase it in polypropylene compatibility; Through the antistatic agent, on the other hand, interaction between the hydrophilic group and the water in the air, to eliminate the accumulation of the thin film surface electrostatic charge.

      2, slide masterbatch BOPP film toughening masterbatch is lubricant with polypropylene according to certain proportion by single screw and twin screw extruder, mixing and into. In BOPP film production, the application of lubricant mainly, oleic acid amide, erucic acid amide acid ethylene bistearic amide and silicone lubricants, etc. Erucic acid amide and oleic acid amide has good lubricity, erucic acid amide than oleic acid amide, good resistance to high temperature decomposition temperature as high as 220 ℃, fit in with the polypropylene masterbatch production and the production of BOPP film.

    3, increase just masterbatch is a kind of modified material, it is composed of homopolymer modified polypropylene and futurel materials according to certain proportion mixing. At present there are two types of futurel materials: 1) From natural retinol of terpenoids polymers and orange oil synthesis; 2) Hydrocarbon polymer.

    The main components of the 4, anti-reflection masterbatch for polypropylene and anti-reflection agent. On the international market at present with anti-reflection agent mainly for second benzylidene sorbitol kind of organic matter, the anti-reflection mechanism is by changing the polypropylene crystallization morphology and the crystal size ultra-micronization model. the, thus increasing transparency of products. Anti-reflection agent is a kind of nucleating agent, it can cause rapid polypropylene crystallization, is conducive to improve rigidity of the product, surface gloss, physical and mechanical properties and heat distortion temperature, etc.

    5, pearlescent masterbatch is the production of BOPP pearl film is very important to add material, its main composition is polypropylene and super fine calcium carbonate particles and other additives.

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