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The performance requirements for pre-coating film laminating

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Temperature, pressure, speed the practical value of the three factors have certain scope. This needs us to find the best in practice the role of values, to ensure that the composite effect of pre-coating film as well as the process of glue nail under cover of spine from shell, no bubbles create favorable conditions. The pre-coating film composite how, for the next process ( Including indentation, bronzing, wireless order on plastic cover, etc. ) Create favorable conditions, and also we are using pre-coating film laminating process operation in one of the important factors to consider. The lower limit is 80 c, up to 100 c. Has a real, strong bonding, rather than the surface, the shallow level, shall not be bent or reheat phenomenon of shell, the bubbles.

          When the temperature of the lower limit is slightly down the brightness of the composite products will fall. And when the maximum temperature rise slightly, namely will burn in the thin film surface is not smooth, different shapes of bubbles. ( Electronic fumo machine this phenomenon is particularly obvious) Good composite effect not only, also make hot melt colloid is close to the crosslinking reaction of the hot spots, the colloid solidification approximation and hard, so when the heated again don't easy to soften, laminating operation accurate temperature control method, is fine to master the very close to the crosslinking reaction temperature effect of the temperature.

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