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The pre-coating film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
The pre-coating film - Introduction of main performance of

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& have spent   Film products achieve exterior level off, light enough, sub melting degree good, no crease. And be able to spin out the ink. Effect of process temperature control also influences and decides the effect of the change of address when heated by hot melt adhesive, and compete for the new thermal dynamics. Therefore, strict control of temperature is the first secret of pre-coating film laminating. Temperature is controlled in the range of 80 ~ 100 c is suitable.

  Pressure: in the right control combined with the temperature at the same time also should use the appropriate pressure, because the paper itself is not very smooth surface, only under the effect of stress, the viscous flow state of hot melt adhesive will only be in the air on the surface of the out of print process fully wetting surface of paper printing. ( The hot melt adhesive peel, etc. ) In order to achieve composite print internal structure and surface state to achieve the perfect unity.  

    Speed: in the paper is coated on dynamic compound movement. The change of the velocity will enable resin coated effect change, and because of the limitation of maximum temperature and the pressure supply, will only by less than the direction of value, and with the speed up, drop apparently, hot pressing force recession, worsen the composite effect. Even foaming. According to our experience general speed control in the folio 10 - in a minute The 20 or so more appropriate. ( Speed should be slow down)

    Temperature, pressure, speed the practical value of the three factors have certain scope. This needs us to find the best in practice the role of values, to ensure that the composite effect of pre-coating film as well as the process of glue nail under cover of spine from shell, no bubbles create favorable conditions. The pre-coating film composite how, for the next process ( Including indentation, bronzing, wireless order on plastic cover, etc. ) Create favorable conditions, and also we are using pre-coating film laminating process operation in one of the important factors to consider. The lower limit is 80 c, up to 100 c. Has a real, strong bonding, rather than the surface, the shallow level, shall not be bent or reheat phenomenon of shell, the bubbles.

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