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The role of bopp pre-coating film bonding system

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Glue wet or bopp pre-coating film dry laminating process for composite interface, are laminating machine pressure system to produce the product of normal function, pressure system mainly by fixed heating roller, Jane, and the corresponding but can lift the rubber roller pressure, and pressure supply vice or hydraulic mechanism combination and into.

          Is coated in the process of pressing, heat pressure cooperation through the pressure system to produce force.

          Heating roller is for composite thermal pressure of the coated parts and surface pressure light again.

          A laminating machine processing quality and production efficiency, is basically determined by the heating roller structure and surface finish. Heating roller is made of fine seamless steel tube wall thickness more than 20 mm as raw material, after precision machining, surface hard chromium plating and metal roller by fine grinding into a mirror.

          Pressure rubber roller under the high pressure support provided by the hydraulic unit composed of a pair of pressure coupling, and the far infrared radiant heat of the quartz electric heating device, the heat transfer medium oil heat uniform, constant, gently from the heating roller wall conduction to the chrome plated surface smooth as a mirror, formed in the composite material, the thermal stress and complete coated.

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