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The speed of about pre-coating film composite?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

about pre-coating film composite speed?

    Effect of hot pressing and work area is very narrow, only 5 ~ 20 mm.

    Normal working hours is about 0. 1 to 0. 2s。

    Pre-coating film and paper prints of the composite, it is in such a narrow working area, finished work so a very short time.

work time, the running speed, decided to working temperature conduction process and order of sub gradual transformation process, the merits of the surface wettability of machined part print, also decided to hot melt adhesive particulate matter decentralized state, the strength of the bond.

    Relatively, long working hours, hot melt adhesive melting, fully on printing quality of processing surface wetting fully, spreading and paper printing ink layer formed diffuse, bond fastness is strong.

    Conversely, short working time, before setting T as temperature calculated by conduction and order morphology transformation gradually realize hot melt adhesive, no hot melt adhesive molecule can be formed and ink layer, paper fibers molecules diffuse infiltration, affinity, cause wettability is poor, weak bonding force.

    The bond, seemingly real only when the temperature below the job requirement, increase the role of sticky material viscosity;

    After cooling, heating viscosity, liquidity and return to original low temperature brittleness, can not stand again after laminating processing of external shocks and heating, crease or blister, etc. This kind of problem.

pre-coating film

& have spent   According to the same temperature, pressure, pre-coating film under the conditions of different speed changes, and a variety of paper to print the effect of the composite detection, will accelerate the pre-coating film laminating specification is as follows:

1) the scope of work normally for 6 ~ 12 m/min.

(2) on the set of 6 ~ 12 m/min work area, such as in 1 m/min of incremental production speed adjusting, equal to the average working temperature drop 3. 4%, working pressure drop 9. 4%;

(3) in the paper is high, the quantitative tightness, moisture, dust, ink layer area is large, deep color, low working environment temperature, humidity and gas flow, complex, poor brightness, should be appropriate to reduce the working speed, good composite effect shall prevail;

(4) in 12 m/min< Speed of 15 m/min or less work area, such as in 1 m/min incremental adjust production speed, the output value per level variables change happens dramatic change.

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