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The use of pre-coating film laminating machine skills

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Pre-coating film laminating machine coated is a forming, the material has good glue coating, coated by heat melt glue, and then through the pressure membrane adhesive on the print. This laminator equipment operation on the cheap, simple operation, and does not produce harmful gases, is a trend in the development of coated, in an increasingly pay attention to environmental protection in today's society, believe that one day this kind of technology will replace both pre-coating film coating type, become a main effect of domestic printing industry technology. < br /> < br /> precoat type laminating machine is to print with precoating plastic composite to special equipment. Compared with the coating type laminating machine, its biggest characteristic is no glue coating and drying part, so the class laminating machine has compact structure, small volume, low cost, simple operation, good product quality stability. < br /> < br /> precoat type laminating machine by precoating plastic film to print, automatic input, hot pressing composite, automatic winding of four main parts, as well as the mechanical drive, prepainted longitudinal and plastic film flattening, cutting, computer control system and other auxiliary equipment. < br /> < br /> 1。 Precoat type laminating machine prints the input part of automatic transmission structure can ensure printed matter not overlap in transmission and isometric into composite parts, general control is realized by using pneumatic or friction way, delivery accurate, high precision, small print in a composite wide, also can meet the above requirements. < br /> < br /> 2。 Pre-coated laminating machine type composite parts including composite roller group and the calender roller group. Composite roller group is made up of heating pressure roller, silicone pressure roller. Heat is hollow roller, pressure roller equipped with internal heating equipment, forging surface hard chromium, and processed by polishing, fine grinding; Hot pressing roller temperature correction at any time by sensor tracking sampling, computer; Composite pressure adjustment adopts eccentric CAM mechanism, pressure can be adjusted. Calender roller group and compound roll are basically the same, that is composed of chrome plated pressure roller with silicone pressure roller, but no heating device. Calender roller group, is the main purpose of precoating plastic film with print after composite roller group composite, surface brightness is not high, then through the calender roller group second extrusion, surface brightness and bonding strength greatly improved. < br /> < br /> 3。 Precoat type laminating machine drive system drive high power motor drive system is controlled by computer, after primary gear reduction by triple chain transmission, drive into the movement and the composite part of the paper and the calender silicone pressure roller rotation. Pressure roller group under the action of the pressure of stepless adjusting maintain suitable job pressure. < br /> < br /> 4。 Precoat type laminating machine computer control system of computer control system with microprocessor, the hardware configuration by the keypad, optical isolation by the motherboard and digital board, power board, stepping motor drive power board, etc.
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