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There was a problem for PET film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Recently some customers in the process of PET/paper in the process with the confusion, the general water film adhesive strength of adhesive for BOPP film is very large, with ink effect is very good. But change to the PET has been felt rickety, glue and membrane fusion effect is bad, lead to complex membrane products when to cut the film phenomenon. In fact this problem long ago have customers encountered similar problems, corona compared with PET film BOPP film is unstable, it is also in the process of PET film, there will be some place where viscosity is good, but in some places the phenomenon of viscosity is very poor indeed. Is on a roll of PET film corona will have difference. So how to solve this problem?

          1、  Membrane adhesive stick relay with PET corona value has a direct relationship, so first of all to ensure the PET film corona reach requirements;

          2、  The environment temperature will also affect the quality of the film;

          3、  After after the completion of the membrane, make after membrane products 4 - net After five hours for the experiment of next working procedure ( Because just return to the product with a certain heat, glue viscosity temperature completely at room temperature to have the best effect)

          4、  PET film no matter any way, nor its viscosity and the viscosity of the BOPP film. So, might as well take the PET film products to do press lines, next procedure such as if you don't appear on membrane phenomenon, that is qualified.

          5、  The best PET film products for high temperature 60 degrees and minus 30 degrees of aging test, if can't afford to film, show that the products reach the qualified standard. ( If no aging tester, can put the test sample in fumo machine heating respectively and the refrigerator test) < br />

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