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Touch film scratch-resistant flowers dumb film is a kind of through special craft processing

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
In the field of printing and packaging, focus on bopp and a series of coated materials, mainly has touch membrane, scratch-resistant flowers dumb light film, scratch-resistant film series, with high cost performance, very competitive in the market. Domestic large inventories, at any time to provide the required product. Can we have a product specialist, to rigorous analysis and test of products, and provide professional technical support and complete solution.  

touch film scratch-resistant flowers dumb film is a film surface through special craft processing in the form of different structure layer, to prevent scratches membrane complex surface of printed matter not to spend, the paper surface wipe special effect does not hurt. Film, black frosted film, prepainted tactility membrane, prepainted scratch-resistant flowers dumb film

BOPP scratch-resistant flowers dumb film USES:

specially used for laminating process all kinds of advanced packaging products, very resistant to wear, perfectly protect the printing quality was nice graphic information, etc.

touch membrane advantages:

1: very resistant to wear, less white

2: surface corona value is high, very suitable for hot stamping, UV screen polishing process such as

3: corona value high laminating adhesive force strong

4: special processing of the wood surface, leaving no fingerprints

5: suitable for all kinds of size of UV printing

6: about 5 - dumb degrees 10 degrees of similar products difference:

1: convex can perfectly adapt to all kinds of machine production, won't produce scratch-resistant coating fall off and stratification.

2: using alcohol such as cleaning products can be in cotton products will not produce scratch-resistant coating fall off.

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