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Touch membrane and compared the characteristics of dongguan

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Dongguan touch membrane and compared the characteristics of < br /> & have spent Dongguan touch membrane ( SoftTouch膜) Compared with the general and membrane, tactility membrane ( SoftTouch膜) Has the following four characteristics: < br /> & have spent 1. With good resistance to friction ( 反 划痕) Performance.
  2. Has the remarkable degree of colour and lustre, color without losing after laminating, on the field or big full version of dark red and black more bright and soft.
  Touch membrane < br /> & have spent 3. A special smooth as velvet, delicate touch.
  4. The fog degree is high, have more special inferior smooth effect.
  New touch membrane compared with touch paper: < br /> & have spent   After new touch film and paper laminating with touch paper touch effect; But on the adaptability and characteristics of the function, can bring more effect. Include the following: < br /> & have spent 1. New touch membrane can joint with smooth surface of any paper, coated paper or uncoated paper, culture paper or short fiber long fiber culture paper, color paper or printing paper, composite bottom paper can be used as the basis.
    2. New touch film laminating before end of the paper can be any way of ordinary four-color offset printing, flexo, gravure, embossed, silk screen printing or digital ink-jet printing, the printing pattern without limit, can in the new touch film after joint surface polishing, screen printing, hot stamping, part UV printing after processing technology, such as in book binding or the molding process of the carton packaging can also have better protection effect.
    3. New tactility velvet touch the effect of the membrane surface, is much more smooth than touch paper. Exquisite, by contrast, touch paper is relatively dry. In addition, if, on the surface of finger print, new touch membrane can be easily wiped off with water. USES < br /> < br /> & have spent     On the use of touch membrane, the use of hot laminating or water-based glue joint again after coating and drying technology, the new touch film laminating in paper surface, so as to achieve a smooth touch the soft handle, special and has high transparency, to ensure that no blind spot after laminating lost. The technology suitable for use in a luxury boxes, the advanced book cover, brand paper products, etc. Widely used in the art of printing industry.

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