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Touch membrane causes wrinkle membrane

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Touch membrane under a certain tension, by pressing the holographic pattern is transferred to the surface of printing quality, in the process, takes root membrane guide roller, the more prone to wrinkle membrane phenomenon at this time.

          The main cause of the wrinkle membrane has the following two points.

          A, winding tension is too large, makes the membrane tension is inconsistent on both ends of the roll, causing membrane. At this point, the need to carefully adjust the film roller, guide roller, the balance of the damping roller, more time-consuming. Moreover, when the next reuse, tension is inconsistent, in turn, the direction of the need to readjust the equipment. Commonly used method is in winding immediately after rewinding, to further adjust the film tension, and carries on the heat dissipation.

          Second, under the condition of the film itself has no quality problems appear not wrinkle membrane, a pressure on issues of wrinkle membrane. This is mainly due to the pressure when imprinted transfer membrane at the ends of the roller pressure caused by imbalance. In this case, the need to adjust the pressure cylinder pressure at the ends of the film roll, the adjustment schedule at the end of the cylinder pressure limit screw, because its medial to the wallboard, location is hidden, so you need to adjusted with feeler, pay attention to lock in a timely manner. Some of the pressure equipment for transfer printing film roll at the ends of the cylinder pressure can adjust, independent relatively more convenient.

          Three, touch film laminating process at the film guide roller tension imbalance, will cause go film speed and stamping speed, causing membrane.

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