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Touch membrane specular membrane

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Touch film highlights film refers to gloss over 100 film composite products, often including polyester film ( PET film) And surface treatment agent, ink, adhesive, PVC membrane and so on several parts, the high-tech production equipment will compound of each part.

    Characteristics of

& have spent   Beautiful

& have spent   Touch membrane high membrane surface effect, changeable and colorful, beautiful long does not change color. With soft handle and colorful surface color, is a kind of can choose design and color according to the changes of the era of color feeling safe and environmentally friendly building materials. Membrane effect of colour collocation personality and fit. Pearl film, ordinary film, imitation metal film, and many other varieties to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

    Environmental protection

& have spent   Don't need to electroplating, painting, save energy and to remove waste liquid and waste gas pollution problem, etc.


& have spent   Moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and good durability, easy to clean, easy installation, light weight, non-flammable, Through the national building materials testing center, national fire protection standards. Kitchen is belong to the highest temperature in the bedroom of a place, and every time the heat is concentrated at the top, so the choose and buy metal ceiling, fireproof performance should be considering the purchase of one of the key) 。

      Currently on the market of decorative materials, cause we produce dazzling in the process of purchasing our feelings, in order to buy more high quality glossy film, we can be differentiated by the following aspects:

1) Feel is

inferior membrane using common polyester film as the backing material, without flexibility, lack of toughness, no texture, easy corrugate, more than the basic requirement of PVC decorative materials safety explosion protection.

( 2)

color inferior membrane is given priority to with dyeing process, the principle of similar fabric dyeing, it is easier to fade and become blurred. And specular membrane manufactured magnetron sputtering process, through strong magnetic adsorption of gold, silver, nickel, titanium and other expensive rare metal atoms in space, colour and lustre is uniform, not only have more natural space metal color, rich tiancheng, transcendental and free from vulgarity; Not only high visual clarity, and excellent permeability.

( 3) Definition

definition was made by the film base material and manufacturing process. Only use the magnetron sputtering process at the top of the world's solar film, high resolution can be ensured, and because of the magnetron sputtering technology is through the rare metal adsorbed on the surface of membrane, does not contain any pigment and endothermic agent, to ensure the most clearly.

( 4) Anti scratch

inferior membrane surface without a cross layer, so try to wipe with the hand, easy to scratch; Decoloring phenomenon; And have professional stroke prevention layer highlights the membrane surface, not only more scratch resistant, not easy scratches, also won't appear decoloring phenomenon.

( 5) Technical parameters of

according to the principle of optics, light transmittance is higher, the heat insulation rate is lower; The higher the reflective rate, the higher the rate of heat insulation. So high pervious to light, heat insulation, low reflection the three demands is the highest state of PVC decorative materials technology nowadays. Consumers are so, when choosing CheMo, must balance the comparison, can't choose high reflective to high heat insulation, it can cause unnecessary hazards to ride in the future.

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