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Touch membrane technology development prospects

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Touch membrane technology development outlook

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touch membrane is a kind of European latest research achievements of BOPP laminating film. Not only advanced technology, and has compared with the traditional namely film laminating process, bopp touch membrane process has the advantages of the following points.


first, because the touch film laminating process does not produce any harmful substances, therefore, BOPP touch membrane process more environmental protection.


second, tactility membrane membrane process is simple, don't like the film laminating process before production mixing adhesive solution. Also do not need to control the glue quantity production process, need not to drying adhesive. Only need to control the temperature, pressure and speed, stop processing is simpler, also do not need to clean up the glue.


third, in the production will not produce the phenomenon such as bubbles, wrinkles, membrane, therefore, the effect of higher quality products.


4, to adapt to the wide range of laminator equipment, can use touch membrane membrane equipment or the coating film coating equipment, powder coating equipment are also possible.


5, tactility film laminating process because there is no organic solvent such as combustible substance, so it can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accident in production, higher safety factor.

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why the film laminating way still very widely used in domestic at present, although the pre-coating film laminating way way of comprehensive performance is better than the film laminating, but on the current situation of domestic film coating industry, the vast majority of domestic enterprises is still in widespread use of the coating film coating process. The main reason can be summarized as the following several aspects.


first, tactility film laminating technology in the domestic start later.


second, in the production of touch membrane technology content high, technology is complex, equipment investment is large, the general investment enterprises don't have the ability to touch membrane production line.


third, due to domestic surplus labor resources, low labor cost, material cost in touch membrane process in the comprehensive cost accounts for a considerable proportion. And feel the cost is higher than the film of membrane, this will inevitably affect its application.


fourthly, tactility film laminating process caused by the industrial waste to the surrounding environment pollution caused by the destruction.


above all, tactility membrane is much better than the traditional process sticker, is not only the user's sensory, and in fact have more benefits.

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