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What are the agencies pre-coating film laminating machine?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Pre-coating film laminating machine main institutions: < br /> pre-coating film laminating machine is mainly composed of mechanism, the volume in composite device and winding mechanism, print of input device and control system. < br /> pre-coating film laminating machine compared with dry laminating machine, pre-coating film laminating machine without drying device and coating mechanism. < br /> 1, into the roll of institutions: < br /> pre-coating film laminating machine mechanism is mainly composed of the volume in plastic film supporting bracket and the film tension control system. < br /> pre-coating film reel is placed in the mechanism of the volume in supporting frame with the rolling bearings of film. Pre-coating film in the process of work must keep constant tension, tension than small will affect the quality of coated. < br /> pre-coating film laminating machine < br /> 2, composite device: < br /> pre-coated laminating machine type of composite device is mainly composed of hot pressing roller and rubber roller and pressure regulator. < br /> hot pressing roller for hollow steel roller, chrome plated surface, built-in heating and temperature adjusting device, in general, use the quartz tube and far infrared heating that can satisfy the technological requirements. < br /> in a aluminum alloy bushing hot pressing roller, ensure the hot pressing roller surface temperature equilibrium. < br /> rubber, rubber roller surface should level off, smooth, heat resistant rubber. Hot pressing roll for hard roll, rubber roll for soft roll, hard and soft roller pressure makes the effect of uniform pressure, effect of good quality. < br /> common hydraulic and pneumatic pressure regulation institutions, some laminating machine adopts mechanical institutions regulating pressure. < br /> 3, winding mechanism and print the input device: < br /> pre-coating film coated receive a roll of institutions and prints input device in the same working principle and the dry laminating machine. < br /> 4, control system: < br /> pre-coating film laminating machine control system of main control into the coil, winding, laminating device driver, speed, and hot pressing roller heating system. < br /> electronic device installed on the control cabinet, control cabinet panels installed on all kinds of control button, the panel is also equipped with display instrument, to control the machine work and display the data.
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