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What is a pre-coating film laminating machine?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
An equipment before use, should first understand the most is how it works and related properties, so they can better apply it. Below, pre-coating film laminating machine, for example, let's take a look at all need to know what aspects. < br /> < br />,         Pre-coating film laminating machine is to print with precoating plastic film composite to special equipment, the main structure, input, automatically by rolling, print film extrusion composite center four major part, automatic winding.
          Compared with the coating type laminating machine, don't need adhesive coating, drying section, therefore, compact structure, small volume, low cost, easy operation, large increases with the increasing in boot, production flexibility, high efficiency.
          Pre-coating film and paper prints of composite can be as long as the hot pressing, suitable for all kinds of hot pressing function of laminating machine, compound machine, laminate machine.
          The wet glue coating composite process of bridge type laminating machine does not need to make any changes, pre-coating film coated completely available. < br /> < br />,         For pre-coating film technology can provide the high quality product, the effect of printing packaging after finish, clarity, crisper obviously improved, the safety and health.
          Eliminates the harm to the health of producers and consumers, to eliminate the defects such as fire hazard, has the stronger ability to eat meal, the effect of speed, short downtime, low rejection rate, film coating process is easy to operation, saving labor and relatively cheap, and so on.
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