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What is the distinguishing feature of pre-coating film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
What is the distinguishing feature of pre-coating film

& have spent   Pre-coating film consists of base material and adhesive rubber, base material with polyester (usually PET) Film and two-way stretch polypropylene ( BOPP) Thin film. BOPP film has high transparency, good brightness, avirulent insipidity, water resistant, heat resistant, low price and quality of a material soft, is ideal material in the laminating process, its thickness is about 12 to 20 um, therefore, from the view point of the cost of materials and processing technology, the vast majority of pre-coating film base material BOPP film.

    The pre-coating film adhesive layer is melting type and solvent volatilization type two kinds, according to different processing equipment and process condition, the selection of different thickness of adhesive layer, the thickness of adhesive layer between 5-15 um. At present, the domestic pre-coating film adhesive layer is mainly composed of hot melt adhesive or organic polymer resin at low temperature. Hot melt adhesive is made up of main adhesion resin and reinforced adhesion agent, the regulator of several kinds of material blending modification. Organic polymer resin is a single polymer copolymer in low temperature. Because of the hot melt adhesive is a mixture of several kinds of materials, so after laminating transparency significantly lower than the pure resin class pre-coating film at low temperature.

    Production technology of solvent evaporation type pre-coating film is similar to the film laminating process, using organic solvent dissolved colloid, then coated on the film base material, so there may be organic solvent volatilization incomplete, laminating operation produce peculiar smell, cause harm to the operators, Relative to the film laminating process, is much less harmful) Problems of resin coated after solvent evaporation, print also easy to form a bubble.

    The characteristics of the film coated products

(1) prone to bubbles and take off the film phenomenon, in the large area field printing or high humidity environment, foaming and take off the film phenomenon is particularly serious.

2 product surface often produce gloss different window or fog.

(3) the product easy to curl occur, if pressure is too large when the glue or drying temperature is too high, the buckling phenomenon is more serious.

(4) effect of the chemical substances such as organic solvent will evaporate into the atmosphere and cause pollution of the environment, even cause fire.

pre-coating film coated products through melting type

1) the characteristics of pre-coating film coated products will not appear bubbles and take off the film phenomenon, a longer service life of the product.

2 type using solvent volatilization pre-coating film coated products in the printing ink layer thick, folding, die-cutting, indentation pressure is larger, or in the workshop temperature higher environment, can also occur to take off the membrane and foaming phenomenon.

type (3) the solvent volatilization pre-coating film impurities such as easy to stick dust during production, thus affecting the surface of the coated product effect.

(4) coated products are basically won't appear curly phenomenon.

    Can be seen from the above, pre-coating film laminating process, especially the type molten pre-coating film laminating process has the incomparable advantages, namely the film laminating process is the inevitable choice of film coating industry in the future.

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