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Why to use pre-coating film coated iron process

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          One, instead of printing process

& have spent         In recent years, the living standard of people is increasing day by day, the pursuit of fashion and consumption level also changed, from food and clothing problem up to the quality of life, and are willing to use upscale must find a better quality of life. Traditional printing process because of the beautiful degree is not good, no corrosion resistance, high cost price, environmental protection, such as the result is bad, gradually replaced by the new coated iron craft, coated iron technology advantages of environmental protection, beautiful, low cost, low energy consumption, both conforms to the requirement of people to improve the quality of life, and in line with the requirements of manufacturers to save costs. So the pre-coating film coated in the field of metal packaging as is the use of more and more frequent. Now home appliance panel and other iron products, fire door plank is fully coated iron process, and pre-coating film in food, cans, chemical barrels, etc. Craft also gradually replaced the printing process.

          Second, solve the problems are caused by adhesive

& have spent         There are two kinds of coated iron process, is the most traditional adhesive resin coated, but adhesive also brought a series of cost, environmental pollution, energy consumption and so on a series of problems, using solvent adhesive coated iron process at the same time, not only fixed investment is larger, and the safety in production is there a safe hidden trouble. So, in order to solve these problems, through the unremitting efforts, the European and American countries have developed a more practical pre-coating film products. Pre-coating film with environmental protection, low cost price, the craft is simple, beautiful coated product advantages, such as, completely solve the problems brought by the adhesive coated.

          Overall, pre-coating film in coated iron technology as a new type of coated tool will gain a foothold in the coated iron industry in the future, because of the obvious advantages, more and more coated iron enterprises will use the technology, pre-coating film technique is inevitable trend in the development of the industry.

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