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Why use a pre-coating film?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Pre-coating film, I could tell from the name. That is membrane, nature is the most used for laminating.

          However, film so much, why use pre-coating film? This needs us to learn to understand the pre-coating film laminating what can bring us.

          Using pre-coating film laminating the benefits and advantages:

& have spent         1, through melting pre-coating film coated products won't appear bubbles and take off the film phenomenon, a longer service life of the product.

          Type 2, the solvent volatilization pre-coating film coated products in the printing ink layer thick, folding, die-cutting, indentation pressure is larger, or in the workshop temperature higher environment, can also occur to take off the membrane and foaming phenomenon.

          Type 3, solvent volatilization pre-coating film impurities such as easy to stick dust during production, thus affecting the coated product surface effect.

          4, resin coated products basically won't appear curly phenomenon.

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