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You know what are the characteristics of the aluminum plating film?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          The characteristics of the aluminum plating film has the following several, below is a summary for everyone:

& have spent         ( 1) Greatly reduces the amount of aluminum, save the energy and materials, reduce the cost and the thickness of composite aluminum foil more for 7 ~ GPM, the thickness of aluminum and aluminum plating film is about 0. About 5 n, the consumption quantity is about 1/140 ~ 1/180 of aluminum foil, aluminum and production speed can be as high as 450 m/min.

          ( 2) Excellent folding resistance and good toughness, rarely pinhole and split, no song cracking phenomenon, so the gas, water vapor, odor, such as light barrier property of the improvement.

          ( 3) With a metallic luster, light reflectivity of 97%; And can form color film coating processing, its decorate effect is inferior to the aluminum foil.

          ( 4) Shield type can be used for parts of aluminum plating, in order to obtain any design or transparent window, can see inside.

          ( 5) Aluminized layer of conductive performance is good, can eliminate electrostatic effect; The sealing performance is good, especially the packing powder products, not pollution of the sealing parts, guarantees the packing sealing performance.

          ( 6) For printing, composite, etc after processing has a good adaptability.

          To the shop, save material and so on are the characteristics of it, after you know according to their own needs to choose!

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